Previous Adventures

East Timor

July, 2006: Going Back to Timor

A whirwind trip.....featuring a quick visit to the Peace Corps office, a few days with "the family", a snorkel with Australian friends....and lots and lots of photos of IDP camps.

May, 2006: May 1 Update

Update written before I departed Timor....and not edited since.

March, 2006: Settling In - Dili Style

Coming back to East Timor after almost two years has been exciting, nerve-wracking, a little scary, and immensely rewarding (already!). After a great vacation in Australia with Dean and our friends, Ruth and Mark Walkup, I arrived in Dili on March 15.

Takoma Park

February, 2006: Leaving Takoma Park (again)

Off to Margaret River, Australia....and then on to Timor.

East Timor

February, 2006: Australian Vacation

We started the trip out with a brief layover in Sydney, where we managed to get together with our good friends from Tonga, Pesi and Ma'afu (plus baby boy #2). It was fun and funny to see them out of the Tongan context. Afterwards, it was a ...

September, 2004: Around the World by plane

We returned home in September - and travelled around the world to get back to Tonga. It was amazing to visit so many places in the US, Denmark, Thailand, and East Timor.


June, 2004: Early morning in the village of Longolongo (our home)

I've been awake most the night baking croissants for a farewell party for the supreme court judge and his wife. At 4:30 A.M. I hear distant bells signaling for one community that Sunday mass will begin in half an hour. At 5:00 A.M. I hear the same distant

East Timor

May, 2004: Saying Goodbye to Timor Leste Š What Have We Done?

Leaving East Timor was much more difficult than we imagined that it would be. Of course it is a horrible clichˇ to say that you don't realize what you have until it is gone...

January, 2004: 2003: Timor, Travel and Tetun

Holiday greetings from the world's newest country. We hope that this belated letter finds all of you well and, as our Timorese friends would say, fat and happy!!! It has been an amazing year for us here in Timor Leste, full of peak...

March, 2003: March Report

March has come and gone. Do you believe it? We both think the past 3 months have just flown by here in E. Timor, but agree, at the same time, that 2 1/2 years is quite a long time. Nothing in particular is difficult about life here. Our house is nice, wit

February, 2003: Government Growing Pains

Since East Timor has only been an independent nation since May of 2002, it is probably not entirely surprising that they havenÕt exactly figured it all out yet! Prior to May of last year, the UN was administering all of the government services (from

January, 2003: The "Cozy House" in Dili

Our first full entry from Timor Leste, and as you can imagine, most of our time has been spent getting settled into our "cozy" house while Patti gets settled into her new job. All of which has been a little frustrating. After a few weeks .


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