Going Back to Timor

Log Entry Location: East Timor

July, 2006

Patti finally made it back to Timor in mid-July. The trip was brief (less than one week), but it was enough time to check in with friends and colleagues at the university, Peace Corps, Embassy, and, of course, with the "timorese family." Highlights included a delayed easter egg hunt with the kids (postponed due to family funerals and civil unrest), a beautiful Sunday afternoon with Australian firends at Secret Garden, and a reunion with many friends and colleagues (none of whom were injured physically in the recent unrest). The university is still closed, although Patti did manage to meet with colleagues there (and delivered some books). Thousands of people are still living in IDP camps all over the city and it is odd to see tanks and troops on the streets again. The markets are still mostly closed, although people are slowly returning to work. Government schools are scheduled to re-open in the next week or so. Otherwise, things are eerily quiet throughout Dili. Next stop - Angola.....yet another part of the Portuguese colonial legacy!


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